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Tiger of the Forest Sabertooth Wild Adventures

4.0 ( 1920 ratings )
スポーツ ゲーム アクション シミュレーション
開発者 Umair Javed

The big 3D world is overwhelmed with angry vicious Sabertooth Tigers that are on a total rampage to crush the whole 3D world!
Roar through this adventure as an angry Sabertooth; on a quest to survive the cruel winter days and harsh stormy nights. Fight to survive against dangerous blood-thirsty creatures and evil predators like wolves and hounds. Hunt harmless forest animals (like deer and foxes) to regain your strength.

BEAUTIFUL 3D WORLD: Roar through different levels in a beautiful 3D world full of danger.
CHOOSE YOUR BEAR: Beautiful bears to select from with vicious attacks and smooth controls.
UPGRADE YOUR BEAR: Customized shields, body armors, and Health Packs
ACHIEVEMENTS: Complete special tasks in the epic battlefield to win prizes and gold